[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Google and Bing search algorithms have recently changed in a significant way. Therefore, strategies we used two years ago may no longer work. If your website is not maintained and current, you may notice a decline in your websites search performance. This is likely because the algorithms now analyze the web in a different way. Generally, they use a process that establishes relevancy of web content to a specific search term. SEO experts such as Stacy Web Design and Marketing create a strategy with a set of steps. This process achieves favorable scoring within the algorithm.

For the focus of this article, we will discuss the relevance of web citations. Citations are a key ingredient to good search results. Therefore, you add credibility by increasing citations. Increase your citations on highly established and indexed portals and increase your odds of success. It is easy to get complacent with this piece of your SEO strategy and relegate your website to page seven of local search results.

How can My Small Business benefit from Citations?

Citations will increase search results for saturated markets and will become a managed ongoing activity. Saturated markets require additional strategies to push search visiblity to rank your website on page one. Service industries and smaller service businesses have it a little easier. These industries tend to have less established website presences. We find that companies like HVAC, electricians and plumbers have pretty decent odds of rewarding organic search results.

As a summary, citations verify you are part of a community. Your business does what you advertise. You are essentially demonstrating your business, product and or service really exists. Citations are very highly relied on by the search engines. It is critical that your business properly manages your businesses citations.

Stacy Web Design and Marketing would love to help you with your website, SEO and marketing strategies. We have made a business of getting our clients websites implemented and actively marketed on the web.

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