Google Mobile Speed Search Update

Google mobile search speed requirement update

Google Mobile Ready Speed Update The Google Mobile Speed Update is Coming Fast, Make Sure You Are Ready Google Mobile search speed testing for mobile page load speed is going to be an integral of your websites mobile search rankings. They will soon factor page speed into the websites search rank score. Google has decided […]

Hummingbird Gets Full Caching

In the past, sites used wp-super cache for most of WordPress website platforms. However, search engine algorithms changed and evolved and more sites pushed their boat out and are now using Hummingbird. The full caching benefits have added everything most websites need to boost a websites page load speed. Just like WP Super Cache plugin, […]

Highlights Of Our On-Page SEO Approach Part 2

on-page seo for your website

Image use and Management File name: As with everything elese, our SEO sstrategies demand we use descriptive file names. Image tags: We use tags to provide a short description of the image to the search engines. Size: We will optimize your images as small as possible to improve page load times. SERP Display Management Meta description: […]

SEO Is The Number One Way To Get Your Business Found Online Part 1

This article explores the SEO Strategies required for effective implementation and management of an SEO strategy. There are many facets to proper SEO management. Proper SEO management can yield an excellent return on your investment. On-page SEO  Accessibility  Website exposure: Our SEO strategies ensure search engines can reach your site and they regularly index and […]

The Cloud Cleared Up


“The Cloud”, it sounds so dark and ominous. The truth is that the cloud is just a term to describe using computing power and storage where a third party maintains the hardware. How an individual or business uses the cloud is a different conversation. The cloud can be as simple as using Google Drive or […]