Do you love it when you type in a web search in Google and you already start getting search results as soon as you start typing? Well, say goodbye to that feature on Google mobile searches. Google is dumping the Instant Search feature, which automatically populates search results as you type in a search query.

Instant search was turned-on in 2010 to enhance search and user experience. It was a major change in how users experienced Google. Google seemed to have a goal of high-level timesaving invention. Google estimated that it would save users millions of seconds per hour by saving seconds from millions of searches every day.Now we are tipping away from desktop and more to mobile device searches. Using instant search on mobile devices does not work well. Using fingers and buttons to interact while Google tries to load results on top of the onscreen keyboard is problematic at best.

Just another example of how web developers learn from their consumers. Consumers will ultimately determine what a good user experience means. What is cool may not always be useful and as web developer’s we must always try to be aware of that and keep things as simple and user friendly as possible. For search engine optimization concern and service, don’t hesitate to call us at (970) 344-5761 or email us at [email protected] Dominate the search engine today with our SEO service from Colorado.

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