Image use and Management

File name: As with everything elese, our SEO sstrategies demand we use descriptive file names.

Image tags: We use tags to provide a short description of the image to the search engines.

Size: We will optimize your images as small as possible to improve page load times.

SERP Display Management

Meta description: We will manage the SERPs as part of our SEO Strategies. This will ensure the description convinces surfers to click on the link.
Structured data: We will manage your structured data to generate rich snippets.

Authorship information: We will add authorship information to your web pages.
Rich Snippets and Schema: Schema are microdata information that results to rich snippet along with the brand rating according to reviews and specific queries segmented in search engine results. The schema also uses microformats or RDFs but most of all are HTML tags that webmasters are using for the markup of every pages that needs to be recognize by any search engine.

Thumbnail: We will choose an eye-catching thumbnail.
Title: We will set an appropriate title since the title acts as anchor text for your social snippet.

URL: We will tag your URL.
Description: We will write description according to Google’s required characters..

Twitter card: We will add twitter Cards to your website.


Local Business Search

Local optimization: We optimize your web pages as we would for any other keyword. Use the location (for example Denver) in the page title, url and content.

Structured data: We can also add location information using structured data.

Multiple locations: We can create a unique page with a separate URL for each location if you have chains or franchises.

Google Places: We will create a Google+ and Google Local Business listing and account for your business. In this case, you will not rank just organically but also through Google places.

Local listing: We will get links from local listings (think YellowPages, Foursquare, Yelp…) to improve your visibility for local search queries.

For any On-page SEO concern, Stacy Web Design And Marketing can be a big help for your business in Colorado. We have more stuffs we can offer in the table yet we preserve to have this given to our clients as much as possible in order for them to get satisfied and be educated on how search engine works and digest in the online world. Let us help you dominate the internet and succeed online with our On-page SEO strategy approach that will surely a benefit for you and your business. Call us today as soon as possible at (970) 344-5761 or just send as an email through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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