We basically help you by building a community of targeted users. We first build pages for you on the social networking site. Next, we setup and nurture targeted fans through a fan club for your company.

Customers love to be known and respecting their inherent feeling helps you to bond with them. Our social media campaign is thus interactive and collaborative. Through frequent communication by multimedia, viral video, blogging, acquiring new contacts, quality traffic comes to you and stays for long.

Get an engaging social media marketing campaign with us and let it be your competitor’s envy.

We provide everything that your business needs in social media network. Daily updates and target audience interaction will mean great ROI for anybody’s business. We see to it that we will increase you company’s social presence. Most social media providers will just run automated pointless social media campaign that will never be beneficial for your business. Stacy web design and marketing has a unique strategy that will increase your sphere of influencing online on targeted customers with less expenses.

Getting setup usually takes 1-3 business days as we keep the setup process simple and unique. Each client deserves unique campaign to achieve marketing and social media goals. We will provide proposal where you know what to gain and how long you can achieve success. We require a 3 month minimum contract for the service. Once agreed, we will then provide custom digital and social media strategy for targeted market. Once target market is classified, then we implement the strategy for your business. You may just sit back, relax and watch grow your social media channel with quality lead generation.