Google has a new feed feature that is a nice addition. The new Google News Feed allows users to set what topics and search activity they see. The good news is, this is more than a gimmick. We have uncovered an added bonus for business owners. This new feature could potentially have a positive impact on your businesses.

What’s new in Google News Feed

Users will now see a personalized list of topics on startup No more having to actually search for anything. Users can easily click into any subject matter on the app with just one click. If you see a news story that interests you, click on it and you will get the rest of the content. Some feeds will have the context right on the home page. This will happen if there are many recent articles related to the same topic. Users can actively keep up to date on certain topics on the app. If a user is interested in a celebrity, they can hone in to see related news topics.This feature could present some new opportunities for you and your business. If a user follows a topic related to your business, you now have an entry point of engagement and an opportunity to be found and engage. This opportunity is provided through user ability to discover content related to your company. For instance, if your company is tire shop, then people who follow related topics such as Nascar are more likely to see content related to your business. It has the potential to put relevant consumers within visibility. Content creators need to realize this change and capitalize on this opportunity. If a topic is trending, create something relevant to your business that incorporates that trend. You now have a high potential to have it show up in those users news feed.

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